The field of Neuroplasticity provides the science behind "changing ones mind", quite literally. While this capacity has been around forever, it is only in recent years that it has found acceptance because it is now proven science. Salute! - to the pioneers who believed it possible; that the brain is not fixed, but plastic, pliable, changeable...
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catchme refresh

Mind over Vibration and Energy - Move iT!

Everybody’s Moving, Everybody’s grooving...

MOVE it! is about moving all the energies and vibrations that can create anxiety out of your inner zone to assist in maintaining a sense of calm.   

  • It is about moving energies and vibrations, regardliess of what is happening around you. 
  • Not every negative energy is unsupportive.
  • Nor is every positive energy supportive.

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iam affirmations

I am - Affirmations for those on the Autism Spectrum

MP3 Tracks for Calm, Meltdowns, Focus, Happiness and more

The mantras are designed to bring calm and assist in gaining mental strength, tenacity and more control of meltdowns.

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Manifestation and De-Manifestation

There are four components to manifestation. Over the years there are many authors, writers and speakers who have written about the different components and the process of manifestation. But what about De-Manifestation?

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Featured article

Watch this space for the latest featured article. Also any news, new products, new links and more. 

The latest featured article is about Meltdowns - What makes a Meltdown!

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Managing Meltdowns Survey

This is a voluntary Survey which can be used - just for yourself or for submitting to the wider pool of knowledge of techniques for Managing Meltdowns. Your privacy will always be assured, should you wish to contribute your experiences.

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